Thank you for your interest in promoting Reality-Based Parenting


If you're new to the affiliate marketing concept, affiliate marketing is, in essence, about a relationship between two parties: a publisher--an individual or company with a product to sell--and, the advertiser or affiliate, who promotes that product in exchange for earning a commission.


That product, in our case, is "Reality-Based Parenting", a thoughtful, inspirational, sensitive and culturally-driven how-to manual and tested plan for nurturing children
in the African diaspora, and for African parents who long to know themselves.


How the affiliate program works

When you become an affiliate, we'll provide you with an affiliate link.


As an affiliate, you'll then refer parents and anyone else interested in "Reality-Based Parenting", to the "Reality-Based Parenting" Web site via your affiliate link.

Whenever a sale associated with your affiliate link is made (either on their first or subsequent visit), we'll credit you with that sale.


Commission Payments

We, pay $3.00 for each copy of "Reality-Based Parenting" that you sell. That may not sound like much, but it can add up quickly


If you have a HUGE Twitter or Face Book following, for instance, you could generate quite some sales in a hurry as each parent or guardian in the African community is a potential CUSTOMER.


And that is just on a single product. As our list of products expands, you'll be paid for each and every product that your customers buy via your affiliate link.


And you'll NEVER miss a commission payment!

Our affiliate software
uses site-wide tracking, meaning that once they enter the site and get tagged as your referral, you'll get paid for any product or number of products they buy. 


Getting Paid


Our affiliate program is managed by online affiliate management network--with payments made via on the 30th of every month (for sales from the previous month)

In order to get paid, you'll need a account.

Learn more about PayPal (NEW BROWSER WINDOW)

NOTE: We DO NOT pay by check or make payments in any other way. So just to be clear, we won't be able to pay you any commissions earned unless you have a PayPal account.

Opening a PayPal account is free. PayPal changes a small nominal service fee (published at their Web site) for the convenience of using their service to facilitate quick and secure payments.


Pre requisite for opening a Paypal account:


1.   A bank account (for linking to your PayPal account)

2.  A Debit card (must be linked to the said bank account) as part of PayPal’s
 verification process)

3.  A Telephone

4.  An email address

To finalize setting up your PayPal account, you'll need to:


1.   Confirm your email address (check the email sent to you by PayPal)

2.   Link your PayPal account to your bank account


PayPal will prompt you to do so after confirming your email address.


IMPORTANT: Make note of your PayPal account’s log-in and security details.

Write and store them in a safe place. 


Click here (NEW BROWSER WINDOW) to log on to the PayPal Web site:

At the top right hand corner of the main entrance page, click on the “Sign Up” button, and sign up for a free personal account.


Setting up a PayDotcom account (100% free)


For affiliates, setting up a PayDotCom account (for managing your commission payments) is free.

When you get to the PayDotCom Web site, click on the "Sign Up" link at the top of the page and fill in the affiliate sign-up form.


IMPORTANT: The username you choose will become part of your affiliate link so choose it wisely. It can not be changed.

To check your sales at any time,
log in in to PayDotCom and under the "My Products" tab, click on the "Affiliate Product Sales" tab.

Click here (NEW BROWSER WINDOW) to join the PayDotCom Network and get your AFFILIATE ID.


Generating your Affiliate/Referral Link

Once you've setup your PayDotCom account, you'll need to obtain your affiliate link for promoting "Reality-Based Parenting".


It's easy. Simply type or paste in your PayDotCom username into the PDC USERNAME window in the Link Generator window below, click the "Generate Link", then highlight and copy your link.

Pay Dot Com Link Generator for Reality Based Parenting

Enter your PayDotCom USERNAME in the username window below and click the 'Generate Link" button.


Your PayDotCom USERNAME:


Highlight (with your left mouse) and copy your affiliate link



Should you need to find your username, log in to your PayDotCom account, click on the "View My Profile" tab and look at the very TOP of your Profile page.

Final Notes 

1. Each copy of "Reality-Based Parenting" sold will aid in the educating of 100 parents in 2016 so even if you have no interest in promoting the book for the money, please support a worthy cause.


2. For easy management, use the same email address at both PayDotCom and PayPal.


3. Before getting started, please create a folder on your computer for storing all relevant information related to Reality-Based Parenting including your  PayDotCom log-in credentials (username or email address, and password), your Paypal log-in details, affiliate link etc., so you can easily find them going forward.

4. Before promoting your affiliate link, please test it in your Web browser to make sure it leads to the Reality-Based Parenting page at the Web site.

Thanks again for your interest in partnering with us.

And please do not hesitate to contact us us should you need to.