Reality-Based Parenting: How Parents of African Descent Can Cultivate Loving Relationships With their Children


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As you may undoubtedly be aware, parenting means a whole lot more than simply mothering or fathering a child.

Biologically, in fact, being a father or mother is perhaps the easiest thing that anyone can become.

Being a parent, on the other hand, requires a SPECIFIC mindset, and skill, which, when applied, almost guarantee--as opposed to raising 'children of Cain'-- raising "...sons who flourish in their youth like well-nurtured plants; and daughters... cornerstones, polished after the similitude of a palace” (Psalms 144: 12-14)

And that is why this book was written


Introducing "Reality-Based Parenting"

  Reality-Based Parenting is a thoughtful, inspirational, sensitive and culturally-driven how-to manual designed for parents in the African diaspora who long to know themselves.


A developmental and transformational process based on the multi-cultural premise of “fullness before overflow”, Reality-Based Parenting is culturally specific, not universal.

Meaning that a group must recognize and affirm itself before being able to share and appreciate the differences of others.


Cultural competency therefore, becomes the book's main distinguishing characteristic.


As a parent, it enables you to use what you already possess – cultural strengths – to obtain what YOU want out of the relationship with your child as opposed to what someone else may think is best, or even try to impose on you.


Reality-Based Parenting, overall, is a tested plan for nurturing children; a formula for instilling discipline in the young; a model for psycho-social recovery.


Random Sampling of What's Inside


Page 2: “Why parenting--the most important occupation in the world--requires years of rigorous training as do doctors or lawyers, if not more”

Page 21: How to sow seeds of greatness, reinforce the value of African-American legacy and cultural competence..."

Page 94: “Why being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears but also twice the hugs, twice the love and more...”

Page 116: Co-parenting for the best outcomes...including letting your child spend time in the intimate space shared by your ex-spouse and partner.” 

Page 123: “The impact (positive or negative) of father’s absence in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities...”

Page 145: “The habit of saving: encourages virtue; teaches self-denial, cultivates a sense of order and broadens the mind.”


Page 145: Money management basics for instilling money-discipline. This is important as “financial literacy is just as important in life as are life's other basics.”

      NOTE: As a conscientious parent, you'll be driven to the point where the principles outlined throughout the book--in terms of their application to activities of daily living--become second

About the Authors

  Reality-Based Parenting was co-authored by 17 behavioral science specialists and contributors with a combined professional experience of over eighty years. It’s amazing what ordinary people can achieve when they set out to work with a shared vision. In the context of Reality-based Parenting, the vision is “Healing our community one family at a time.”


Whether you are navigating your first pregnancy, dealing with challenging twos, or negotiating with assertive teenagers, this classic work will help your children become enhanced replicas of yourself.


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Date Published: October 5, 2015




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