Children do not come with an instruction manual, but we provide the next best thing: parent enrichment education that helps parents feel more skillful and confident in their roles as care-givers.

Every Reality-Based Parenting book you purchase will aid in the educating of 100 parents in 2016
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Published October 5, 2015

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A Community-based, Not -for-profit, Human Resource and Family Support Agency, Family Renaissance, INC., has been operating since 1981.  Among other things, we assist families in making positive decisions on economic, social, and a host of other critical issues that impact them most. This includes working with children, unable to cope with the inconsistencies and confusion of every day life at home, and elsewhere.

Our services include:

Family-Life Support Services

A wide range of services aimed at strengthening families and procuring the future for young and “at risk” children. Our services--including parenting; family enrichment; pre and post marital counseling; workshops and seminars--all catering to various aspects of the family's mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and socioeconomic needs.


Rights of Passage Mentorship Program

Imani Rites of Passage is an educational, therapeutic, recreational and cultural program designed to foster the development of positive self-image and confidence in young people while helping to develop and improve vital academic and social competencies as part of their preparation for a productive live!

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Project Help

Project Help is our domestic violence prevention and intervention program, an initiative designed to heighten public awareness and empower domestic violence victims and survivors. Domestic Violence describes abusive behavior—emotional, psychological, physical, sexual or financial—that one person in an intimate relationship uses in other to control the other.
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Help a Child
Make a donation of any amount and help create real and lasting changes in the lives of underserved children in need. Your generosity and commitment will impact father-absent and other children who are in need of developing or strengthening essential life skills - academic, mental health care, and nutrition. Donations and contributions are tax-deductible.
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To help defray costs and maintain our programs and services, we've setup the Famren store with a wide range of affordable products including downloadable e-books, MP3s and videos that can be downloaded directly to your desktop.

Please browse the site and should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via telephone, help desk, or e-mail.

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